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FILMVOKS -  a wax  for the whole body.

Harley Film Wax is a hybrid wax that is fantastic for all waxing  from  face wax  to Brazilian.  This adult is a "must-have" for all professional salons and SPAs.

  • A technologically advanced hybrid between a hotwax and strip wax

  • Removes hair all the way down  1mm

  • Eliminates the need to nip after treatment

  • A very economical wax then  it holds with an ULTRA thin layer

  • Ideal for face waxing, but also body waxing

  • Perfect for Brazilian waxing

  • Has an extremely low melting temperature

  • A "must-have" for all professional salons and SPAs

  • Available in two versions, lavender and azulene. Choose product according to your own wishes, they are similar in terms of effect, the differences are color and fragrance.


Azulene Filmvoks 1kg Ferdig hakket opp! Kr. 199,00

Lavendel Hybrid voks

Lavendel Filmvoks 1kg Ferdig hakket opp! Kr. 199,00

SummerFruits FilmWax

Dette er den nyeste versjonen filmvoks og kommer i små kuler i stedet for "knuste biter" som Lavendel og Azulene filmwax. Dufter av friske bær og har en fløyelsmyk konsistens. Lett å jobbe med og en klar oppgradering fra sine to forgjengere. Kr. 245,-

What makes Harley Film wax so unique?

Primarily  is it  incredible  simple  to work with.  With the strength and agility that in  Harley Hot Wax  is it able to remove hair all the way down in  1mm, which in turn eliminates the need to pluck hair after a wax treatment.  It is a technologically advanced wax  which heats up quickly at a low melting temperature.

Secondly, it holds with an ultra-thin layer, in fact as thin as you would  applied a strip wax, but with this you do not need strips for. 
That makes it a very economical wax  and makes one very easy to work with.  

Finally, as with all Harley Wax products, it has been manufactured to high standards. Only the best ingredients are used in the manufacture of this wax.

Harley Film Wax  contains special natural polymers  which gives it strength, flexibility and elasticity.

Where can it be used?
This product can be used on both women and men

  • Face  - Brow, upper lip, chin,  cheek, beard,  noses and ears

  • Body- Forearms, Bikini, Hollywood  and Brazilian intimate wax

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